Features Roof garden

Designed for enjoyment, work and wellness looking out over some of London’s most memorable rooftops.

The 7,500 sq ft rooftop garden of The Post Building will be located on the 9th floor, sitting at the junction of London’s five most vibrant and historically rich neighbourhoods. From its vantage point, Bloomsbury will be viewed to the north, Holborn and the City to the west and Canary Wharf and beyond to the south. It will be embedded in the epicentre of the city with a human-scale proximity to the rooftops around. Architect Simon Allford of AHMM, the firm behind the development, describes it as, “this wonderful deck that engages with the views: you’re in it, but also looking across at it.”

The space has been imagined by AHMM as part-English country garden, part-cruise liner deck. The ‘bow’ of the space juts out looking northwest along New Oxford Street. But the exterior space will offer more than just views. It will be the largest roof terrace in the West End of London and used by all tenants of the buildings. 

It will feature a gin terrace, which has been designed to look out over what was once known as ‘Gin Lane’, an area of St Giles immortalized in a work by Hogarth. On the south side will be a herb garden. There will be smaller private sections with seating areas for meetings or private work. “You can break out onto a private set of courtyard terraces that we’ve imagined like the Rockefeller Center in New York,” says Allford.

London is known for its rooftops. The terrace of The Post Building has been designed as a one-off location for enjoyment, work and wellness looking out over some of its most memorable.